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The Healing by Nature's Intent Story

Updated: May 5, 2021

I’m Elizabeth Willett, many call me Liz (and I still let a few call me Lizzy). I started Healing by Nature’s Intent, LLC. after earning my Master of Arts degree in Holistic Health Studies and having my first son. I describe holistic health studies as the container for my learning of the many healing modalities that are classified as complementary and alternative, or natural therapies. My degree specialization was in herbalism.

Let me step back a bit. My love of nature started when I was very young. As a country girl, I lived on what I joked was a tree farm (in the woods) and have always loved nature; almost all creatures and plants, the solitude and peacefulness. 

I grew up walking with my parents to the garden for part of dinner and picking fresh berries to put on ice cream, hiking through the trees to the lake to fish, rescuing abandoned or injured animals to try to maintain or revive their health, and running outside in the rain. My Dad took me to forage wild blackcap raspberries. These are still my personal favorites on vanilla ice cream. I also credit my Grandma for this love. She walked my sister and I down the gravel road South and East of her lake home into the sunny woods and a Maple tree grove. Each Maple tree was tapped with a shiny silver spigot, from which a bucket hung to collect sap that would later be boiled down into maple syrup. She taught me to identify a morel mushroom. She also encouraged walking barefoot through the grass, or through the shallow water of the lakeshore front, even if we didn’t intend to swim.

Upon getting ready to graduate from high school, my heart wanted to go on to study natural medicine. Advice from my dear, respected, pediatric nurse practitioner now retired family practice doctor auntie was that this might not be the best plan as natural health programs and fields weren't accredited. So I entered nursing school, eventually changed to study Mass Communications and earn my bachelor of science degree Mass Comm with a focus in news-editorial work and public relations. I spent my spare time drinking green tea, exploring health food stores and learning about natural healing on my own.

I worked for about nine years in boutique women's retail, for almost as many years as a newspaper photojournalist, had a stint as shoe buyer, with a yet another job for a short while at the Target store where I lived. I knew these jobs wouldn't be my career. All-the-while, I carried my desire to formally learn about natural medicine.

Fast forward...

In 2006, I happened upon an advertisement for the Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies graduate program at St. Catherine University, an accredited program in my home state of Minnesota. I saw this as a sign from a higher power, inquired and applied. About four years later through personal transformation and a few kind-of-big life changes, I found myself graduating as an accredited degree-holding natural health practitioner, an herbalist, moving to Mankato, Minnesota.

My first year in the area, I managed the wellness department at the St. Peter Food Co-op and began dreaming of starting a business. In 2011 my first son was born and I left my co-op job. I still miss it, but I truly believe every happens for a reason. Shortly after leaving the SPFC, I was fortunate to become a customer care associate and eventually the senior herbalist and lead educator for the Natural Fertility Company (www.naturalfertilityshop.com and www.natural-fertility-info.com). Had I stayed on my previous path, I don’t believe I would have grown as much as I did in the seven years I worked with NFC. I am able to proudly call myself an herbalist as a result of the mentorship of my colleagues and friends in that position. My time and experiences working with the NFC team was invaluable. Sadly, unforeseen events internet-based businesses face (search-engine algorithm changes, etc.) led to a revenue decrease that meant my position could no longer be supported financially and it was cut.

...to today!

Starting in 2020, here I am, Wellness Counselor & Herbalist Elizabeth, officially launching Healing by Nature’s Intent. While I want to allow space for it to teach me what support I’m to offer others, my passions lie in holistic health, wellness, self care and herbal education - in helping anyone understand they deserve to be in a state of optimal health, to use self care tools that resonate with them, to spend time nurturing their heart’s desires and to be in nature.

Healing by Nature's Intent also offers a small collection of handcrafted herbal and essential oil products; products focused on immune health and emotional wellness that may be seasonal at times.


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